Wednesday, December 05, 2012
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From a Summit High

From a Summit High

The beauty of a dream, is how it can come true,
Everything we want, we can have, if we want to.

Just set your sights upon, the thing your heart desires,
And set the wheels in motion, with each turn you're climbing higher.

Now travel up that mountain, 'til its summit is in sight,
And view the panorama's beauty, whether it be day or night.

You'll be filled with so much pride, to see how far you've come,
And see that life's a journey, from birth until it's done.

Let's share this great adventure, from the Earth up to the sky,
And see the world together, from our mountain's summit high.

There we'll stand together, with hearts and souls as one,
And live our dreams forever, from now 'til life is done.

—Michele Cameron Drew

Copyright ©2009-2012 Michele Cameron Drew. All Rights Reserved.