Thursday, April 30, 2009
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Sonnet VII

This sonnet, written in November was on a bet. Someone bet me $50 that I couldn't write a sonnet about the news headlines for that day.

I asked if I was able to write two, would I double my money and made $100 writing this piece in about 20 mins. I wish I could always make $300/hr. Wouldn't it be nice?


Headline News: 11/23/08

New information in the news today
A school suggests Obama for its name
A clinic burned by Rios who's in jail
And Clinton accepts secretary game

Construction workers injured building fined
State Treasurer is speaking with the kids
Then Dallas and Seattle soon to dine
Economy has budgets wearing lids

Race for attorney generally now is closed
Car break-ins are once more a local spree
A fatal crash near Salem closes Road
A pitbull dies attacking deputy

Today the homework in sixth grade just ran
With talk of "Death of Santa" in the plan


Six people killed in Tijuana bar
Explosive threat cause for school schedule change
Mall shooter in Tukwila still at large
Insurance Co rejects a landslide claim

With cabinet positions being filled
Obama's right on top of everything
Teen runaway his body was found killed
Drunk driver sentenced to six years in clink

Police narcotics dog was struck by car
ID cards stolen from gym locker rooms
A plea of guilty for two fake bank guards
I feel as though I'm buried 'neath this doom

Prefer much lighter content when I choose
That's why I hardly ever watch the news

-Michele Cameron Drew

Copyright ©2009 Michele Cameron Drew. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
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Guardian Angel

original artwork by author
I was so lonely,
A heart filled with despair,
Mourning for a lost love,
Crying tears of sorrow.

My heart had given up hope.
I had all but forgotten my dreams.
I walked alone into the night,
Under a cloak of darkness.

Suddenly a brilliant light flooded the sky,
A streak of lightening, a clap of thunder.
You appeared beneath a full moon,
And reached out to me.

I was afraid,
Afraid to let you near,
To love, to trust, to feel,
But you did not give up.

You dried my tears of sorrow.
You took my hand into your own,
And wrapped yourself around me,
Enveloping me in your warmth.

Echoes of the moonlight shined upon us,
And upon the water's edge,
As you opened up your heart to me,
And held me to it fast.

As the hours flew by I saw the vision,
That you showed me of a new day,
One of love and happiness,
One of timelessness and dreams fulfilled.

As the golden light of morning sun,
Beckoned us from the night,
You lifted me into your arms,
And carried me up to the heavens.

The new day had begun,
And I could see the light,
Like a million tiny candles,
All burning soft and bright.

Now I will not walk alone again,
I have everything I need,
For you are the guardian of my life,
An angel from a dream.

—Michele Cameron Drew

Copyright ©2009 Michele Cameron Drew. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, April 13, 2009
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Sonnet VI

Sonnet VI 

As autumn closes and the days grow cold,
Skies turn from luminous to murky grey.
The leaves of amber, crimson, brown and gold,
Have fallen and most all have blown away.

The barren trees embedded in the Earth,
Stand seeming lost and sad within their mire,
Lackluster as my heart within its dearth,
Need light of love or else they will expire.

As wind and rain begin to fall and moan,
I am like stone upon deserted shore,
A frozen soul that needs to find its home,
Abandoned heart left only wanting more.

Release your light, your love, your warmth and bring,
Us back to blissful beauty of the spring.

—Michele Cameron Drew  

Copyright ©2009 Michele Cameron Drew. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, April 10, 2009
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Behind the Mask


Behind the mask of her soul,
Lies a heart of gold,
A love of the finer things,
Of silver, of satin and lace,
Of crystal and the pegasus white.
An angel of the night,
Writing the music of a dream.

Behind the power and wisdom,
Lies a little girl with a tear,
And a fantasy that would encompass,
A world of painless glory,
Of a princess and a knight,
On a fine white horse.
Ruling the land of their dreams.

Forever loyal to her cause,
Forever lonely in her heart.
She wanders into the night alone once more,
Never to let go of that little girl,
Or the dreams in her soul,
Behind the mask.

—Michele Cameron Drew

Copyright © 2009 Michele Cameron Drew. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009
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Great New Droplist Idea... Join Us

EC Droppers: Copy this list and add yours to the mix, then post it to your blog and we'll create big a list of reciprocating droppers! This will raise our backlinks, page rank and technorati authority as well as making an easy drop list to follow daily.

This great idea was from Big Daddy Richard over at Trader's Hub... he says that when the list gets to be around 400, he'll create a widget for it.