Thursday, April 30, 2009
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Sonnet VII

This sonnet, written in November was on a bet. Someone bet me $50 that I couldn't write a sonnet about the news headlines for that day.

I asked if I was able to write two, would I double my money and made $100 writing this piece in about 20 mins. I wish I could always make $300/hr. Wouldn't it be nice?


Headline News: 11/23/08

New information in the news today
A school suggests Obama for its name
A clinic burned by Rios who's in jail
And Clinton accepts secretary game

Construction workers injured building fined
State Treasurer is speaking with the kids
Then Dallas and Seattle soon to dine
Economy has budgets wearing lids

Race for attorney generally now is closed
Car break-ins are once more a local spree
A fatal crash near Salem closes Road
A pitbull dies attacking deputy

Today the homework in sixth grade just ran
With talk of "Death of Santa" in the plan


Six people killed in Tijuana bar
Explosive threat cause for school schedule change
Mall shooter in Tukwila still at large
Insurance Co rejects a landslide claim

With cabinet positions being filled
Obama's right on top of everything
Teen runaway his body was found killed
Drunk driver sentenced to six years in clink

Police narcotics dog was struck by car
ID cards stolen from gym locker rooms
A plea of guilty for two fake bank guards
I feel as though I'm buried 'neath this doom

Prefer much lighter content when I choose
That's why I hardly ever watch the news

-Michele Cameron Drew

Copyright ©2009 Michele Cameron Drew. All Rights Reserved.


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