Thursday, December 09, 2010
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Top 40 Poetry Blogs on the Web

Today, while looking for a post that I had recently commented on, I decided to try to find it by googling myself.  Instead, I came across a link for Poetic Expression, on the Guide to Art School's list of the Top 40 Poetry Blogs on the Web. I would like to thank SR Education Group for putting together this wonderful list of blogs, for their kindness and for the honor of being placed in their list.  

SR Education Group offers Guide to Art Schools as part of their SR Education Group network. "Because the path to and through higher education isn't clearly marked, they strive to offer a place where students can find the resources they need to make informed decisions. A place for them to hear advice from students who have been in their shoes. A place to find tools that will enhance their careers and educational endeavors. Most importantly, a place where they can connect with schools to begin their future and attain success."

You can learn more about their sites here.

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Beat Thang Virtual Kyle said...

Wow that's awesome! Just checked out the list, congrats for making it on the list. I've now just checked out a few poems and posts on your site, very cool stuff, thanks for all you do. Going to check out some more of your posts. Poetic expression is beautiful.

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