Saturday, December 20, 2008
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Christmas Tense

As I linger,
At the lights,
That represent the birth,
Of the blessed one.

I remember Christmas past,
Five generations wrapped around,
A great firtree, filled with light,
Exchanging gifts on the,
Anniversary of his birth.

I remember all that was good.
The light that grew in my heart,
As each year passed and,
He became so important to me.

I remember the warmth and love,
In that room.
The smiles, the happiness,
Of a family.

As years went by the faces changed...
Some were lost, others were new,
But that feeling always the same.

I look deeper into the lights,
At Christmas present,
I see children happy, a small group,
Santa has come.

But the decorations have withered,
Grown old, and commercialism has,
Taken grace away from this day.

My feelings remain the same.
They cannot take my faith from me,
Praise the Lord.

Deeper still I look..
At Christmas Future.
A large clan being merry,
As I think back of old days,
Of friends, Of you.
I need not think of you,
For you are there with me.
As you are now, if only...
In my heart.

Whatever tense of time,
You have been, and always will be,
Right here beside me,
In your home...
In my heart.

Merry Christmas...


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