Friday, January 16, 2009
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Whisperings of Remembrance

Windmills of bright colour,
Turn the wheels of my mind.
I think of days of splendor,
Days of incredible happiness,
Of hearts full of love,
Of joy unbounded.

Whisperings of remembrance fill my days,
The sounds in my ears
Are only of another time,
A time when two hearts were intertwined,
When two minds collided to become one.

A roomful of people,
Who could only be heard in the background,
While the wheels of our minds turned together,
And the breeze gently cooled the fire within our hearts.
They heard the soft whispers, but could not understand.
They saw the concept, but could not read the vision,
For we did not let them in.

Then the pain overshadowed us,
Like a blanket of snow,
Upon a tiny ember.
The pain of a distance,
Not of the heart or mind,
But of miles, across the land.

I would've come to you,
Had I been able,
I would've given you all,
If I had it to give.

Whisperings of remembrance fill my days,
With a melancholy heart I see the past,
And hope for the future,
A future that may never come.
But I cannot block the echoes,
The sound of you from my ears,
My thoughts,
My heart.

And I am lonely,
For without you,
I am but one again,
And a part of my soul has been replaced,
By a whisper of hope,
A remembrance,
A dream.

Michele Cameron Drew

Copyright ©2009 Michele Cameron Drew. All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem, very touching...It makes me want to write!

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I have an award waiting for you at my blog:

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