Monday, January 12, 2009
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From a Tiny Speck of Dust

Conveyance of one's heart
In poetic interlude
Requires a bit of skill
It's not a simple thing to do

To build a mighty forest
From a tiny speck of dust
Thesaurus in one's hand
Parchment, quill and ink a must

At first to sketch the framework
With the artist's mighty pen
Then ambiance and color
Softly wander in

Throughout the toil and trouble
Stroking with Thesaurian brush
Springs forth from desolation
Forest fashioned emerald, lush

So therefore inspired comrades
Arm thyself with tools of trade
Contemplate poetic form
Peruse a classic once per day

Compile your toolbox wisely
Furnish it with skills inside
Your work will rise much higher
From the aptitude you'll find

For it requires more than talent
And an artist's loving touch
To build a mighty forest
From a tiny speck of dust

—Michele Cameron Drew 

Copyright ©2009 Michele Cameron Drew. All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, and wonderful, Michele! You've put me to shame..

Anonymous said... for Triond writers. It's in progress of course.

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Love this one Michele.

Anonymous said...

awesome, i feel inspired.

Aardaerimus said...

Wonderfully done, Michele! Reminds me a tiny bit of 'Skillful Poet', only by someone whose skill level is quite a bit more mature than my own. Fantastic imagery, as always. :-)

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