Friday, April 10, 2009
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Behind the Mask


Behind the mask of her soul,
Lies a heart of gold,
A love of the finer things,
Of silver, of satin and lace,
Of crystal and the pegasus white.
An angel of the night,
Writing the music of a dream.

Behind the power and wisdom,
Lies a little girl with a tear,
And a fantasy that would encompass,
A world of painless glory,
Of a princess and a knight,
On a fine white horse.
Ruling the land of their dreams.

Forever loyal to her cause,
Forever lonely in her heart.
She wanders into the night alone once more,
Never to let go of that little girl,
Or the dreams in her soul,
Behind the mask.

—Michele Cameron Drew

Copyright © 2009 Michele Cameron Drew. All Rights Reserved.


Jade Meng said...

Romantic design and beautiful poem. I feel that little girls is me, too.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Beautiful colors and design, Michele..

The poem is just wonderful, and the image I got from it makes me want to write!

Happy Easter..

Tommy Patterson Band Director said...

What beautiful words and the emotion that it provokes. Thanks for sharing as I look forward to more.

Property Croatia said...

I can only say... beautiful poem. It reminds me of someone I know.

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