Saturday, February 07, 2009
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I’ve Been Tagged…


Poetic Expression has been tagged by Lanne from Crocodile Soup for the Soul. Thanks so much for the tag and the chance to help showcase seven more great blogs, Lanne!

The rules for being tagged are:1. Display The TAG (you can download it above) 2. Blog about seven weird facts about yourself 3. Tag 7 blogs in your post 4. Comment on each of the 7 blogs to let them know you tagged them they are.

  • 1. I have been keeping a poetic diary since the age of 12.
    2. I adore all different types of old architecture, especially old bridges.
    3. Even though I don't look like a nerd, I'm a complete geek, loving scifi and computers...
    4. Even with my fascination for architecture and my geekdom, I am a nature phenatic.
    5. I totally love heavy metal music and sang and managed metal bands for years in the 80's.
    6. I am allergic to almost every antibiotic known to man and a lot of other things.
    7. I could watch the history channel and scifi 24/7.

It was very hard to choose as I often read dozens of articles and blogs everyday, but here are 7 blogs I have chosen to Tag:

Check out these great blogs and great writers! I hope that you appreciate them as much as I do!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, M.

I'm glad you like my blog, to give me the tag...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Michele! I will use the 7-things tag in a retro way, if that's all right. I've done this before and it is a fun inspiration for me, so thank you!

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