Friday, February 13, 2009
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A giant dragon breathing fire,
A damsel in fear of woe.
She shies away from breath of flame,
Away from her greatest foe.
She runs…
She hides…

From the shadows steps a man,
A shining suit he wears,
The butt of his sword is made of gold,
His horse has ivory hair.
He is proud…
He is strong…

He steps within the dragon’s path,
He lunges forward, straight and true.
A dagger straight through the heart of the foe,
And the dragon never knew.
He stumbles…
He falls…
A burst of flames he tries to sputter,
But only smoke comes new.
One blow to the throat with a razored edge,
The dragon now is through.
He bleeds…
He dies…

The lady is impressed with the swift demise,
By the knight of her fiery foe.
She smiles at him brightly,
And beyond her smile they suddenly know.
That it’s true…
That it’s real…
The knight walks slowly up to her,
With soot from his head to his toe.
He lifts her to his trusty steed,
And into the sunset they go

—Michele Cameron Drew

Copyright ©2009 Michele Cameron Drew. All Rights Reserved.


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