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Thursday, February 12, 2009
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Sonnet XV

Still waters of thine eyes call out to me,
Tranquility in sapphire pools of light.
As skyward angels illumine the night,
Melodic splendor emanates from thee.
Exquisiteness of oceans won't compare,
And neither will magnificence of skies,
To taunting star of sapphire in thine eyes,
That bares the symphony thy soul doth share.

As waves that pound against a rugged cliff,
Tumultuous my life may sometimes seem.
Thee shelter me and keep me safe and whole,
Beloved, thou art blessed with such a gift.
And when I reach for thee with eyes of dreams,
Thy solace washes softly o'er my soul.

                  —Michele Cameron Drew

Copyright ©2009 Michele Cameron Drew. All Rights Reserved.


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