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Monday, February 09, 2009
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Sonnet II

Monotonous distractions of the day,
Can barely ebb the pain within, my heart;
So broken, battered, beaten, torn apart;
Still knows somehow there's got to be a way.
So many things I wish that I could say,
About the love that we've held from the start.
Oh! How this evil like a poison dart,
Has taken from us all for which we pray.

I know not how to reach you now, my love,
To show you just how much there is to see.
As sleepless evening falls your soul draws near;
Mine longs to touch it gentle as a dove,
With hope that I've locked deep inside of me,
The moment days' distractions disappear.

—Michele Cameron Drew

Copyright ©2009 Michele Cameron Drew. All Rights Reserved.


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