Tuesday, February 03, 2009
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Hope for Springtime(Sonnets X & XI)

Though some may think her heart encased in stone,
It's really soft and gentle as a lamb,
It seemed to have become a lifetime plan,
This searching for someone to share its home.
How often she would hate to face the day,
Without a special someone there to hold,
She thought she had it once or twice, but nay,
Her once warm heart had since grown rather cold.

'Til recently she met a special friend,
Who brightens even darkest of her days,
Upon who's loving ear she can depend,
Who listens to her heart along the way.
Although it may not ever come to more,
He'll always be someone that she adores.


With kind and gentle words he touched her soul,
Which opened up a door that long was closed.
Her inspiration flowed deeply in prose,
That suddenly her heart could not control.
Upon white parchment filling up each page,
Her words of brilliant beauty poured from pen,
Her glow returned to where it once had been
And wonder in her eyes defied her age.

With shining pools of azure in her mind,
Is often how she wakes in morning bright.
Although she'd hoped, she never thought she'd find,
Someone again who shared her love and light.
Now as we pass from winter's cold and snow,
She hopes that in the springtime love will grow.

—Michele Cameron Drew 

Copyright ©2009 Michele Cameron Drew. All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

That is so lovely, so beautiful, and well expressed!

Michele Cameron Drew said...

Thanks Icy! I'm not sure how I missed this comment! =D

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